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Tutoring :

We offer tutoring Monday - Thursday each week.  Our tutors help all students with homework if they need assistance.  After homework time is over, the tutors will then help children who need extra help which is determined by their school teacher. 

In late September, our tutors send a survey to Normandy and Westerly teachers per parent permission to assess the children's needs.  The teachers then send back the survey with any additional materials needed to give children extra help.  The tutors then will develop a schedule and enrichments needed to help children in certain areas of concern.

The tutors have also set up a book buddy system in which older children who need help with reading can read books to the younger children.  This helps build confidence and gives the children practice needed to enhance their reading skills.  The younger children also enjoy to be read to by their older peers!

 Our tutors work closely with Normandy and Westerly school teachers to help give the children the tools to succeed in school!  We want to build confidence and self esteem with children who need extra help in school.